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Bamboo Switch

Japanese Style Tea - Bamboo Coaster Set

Japanese Style Tea - Bamboo Coaster Set

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Rest your tea cups on our bamboo coasters! Our pack of 8 is great for hosting guests or just making yourself a cup of tea!

These coasters elevate your tea experience by preventing water marks from forming on your surfaces. They are made from bamboo and are 100% compostable. ~~~

What's Included: 8 coasters and holder ~~~ Materials: Bamboo ~~~

Care: Hand wash and let air dry ~~~

Dimensions: Square: 2.7in x 2.7in Set: 5 x 3.5 Circle: 2.7in in diameter | Set: 5in x 3.5in Weight: Square: 0.7oz | Set: 8.9oz Circle: 0.6oz | Set:8oz ~~~

Environmental Impact: Thousands of plastic coasters get produced yearly and end up in a landfill that can take hundreds of years to break down and most likely into microplastics. Our bamboo coasters last a lifetime and leave no plastic waste behind. ~~~ 

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