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Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan - 12.5"

Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan - 12.5"

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This blue steel frying pan is made of 100% natural minerals, and is ideal to use on a grill or open fire.

Forged of blue steel, the pan is built to last. Handmade in France

Due to its ability to conduct and distribute heat evenly, this blue steel frying pan is ideal for browning, simmering, and reheating. You can use it on the stove or directly on the grill for outdoor barbecues. 

* Made of iron and carbon * Traditional French handle and lyonnaise shape ideal for flipping the food * Riveted handle 

Thickness: 2mm USE & CARE * Perfect for searing, browning, grilling * Low to high heat * Natural nonstick properties once seasoned * Follow seasoning instructions * Hand wash only

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