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Eco Kitchen Starter Set

Eco Kitchen Starter Set

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Bamboo Pot Scrubber: Say goodbye to plastic—with this bamboo compostable pan scraper, you won't get scratched pans or scratched hands. Its four unique corners make it easy to scrape all manner of pans and bowls, so all you need is your scraper and a little elbow grease to get your cookware spick and span!

Silicone Baking Sheet: Cook with ease on this amazing silicone baking mat! Perfect for cookies, roasted veggies, and more, it's reusable, dishwasher-safe, and 100% plastic-free! Plus, with no greasy mess, it's guaranteed to take your baking to the next level — without any of the hassle!

3PK Assorted Bee's Wrap: Take a buzz in the right direction with our Bee's Wrap! Made from 100% organic cotton, responsibly harvested beeswax, and tree resin, this eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap is the perfect solution for reducing your kitchen waste. Just warm it up with your hands, and the wrap will form a seal around your food, keeping it fresh and delicious. Who said you can't have your cake and wrap it too?

Silicone Snack Pack: Replace plastic baggies with this dishwasher & microavable safe silicone snack pack. Stands up on it's own and is easy to wash!

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