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Wool Eco Dish Sponges - Gives to Wetland Restoration

Wool Eco Dish Sponges - Gives to Wetland Restoration

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Up your eco dish washing game with our 100% Wool Dish Sponges, 10% of proceeds are donated to Common Grounds Relief, who work on restoring wetlands in Southeast Louisiana - which is on the frontlines of both the impacts and solutions to climate change. Wetlands are nature's sponge and our wool sponges are an all-natural option for your kitchen. Wool is naturally antimicrobial, perfect for a sponge and it doesn't shed microplastics onto your dishes and down the drain as plastic-based sponges do. Wool sponges are gentle on your dishes and the environment.

Bonus: once the wool sponge is at the end of its life, it is compostable. The light grey color is practical for long-term use with water or coffee stains, etc. Set of 2, 5" x 5", handmade in New Orleans with South American Wool Felt

How to use/care for: Wash in dishwasher or sink, allow to dry between uses & it will shrink a little with use

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