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Bathroom Cleaning Tablets, Refills (3-pack) - Plastic-free

Bathroom Cleaning Tablets, Refills (3-pack) - Plastic-free

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Using the Skosh bathroom and toilet cleaner tablet, you can turn 500 ml of tap water into an effective, sustainable cleaning solution.

Run out of detergent? Simply refill with a new tablet

✔︎ Produced in EU

✔︎ High washing performance

✔︎ Against lime, & water & soap residues

✔︎ Eco-friendly ingredients

✔︎ Plastic-free packaging Description:

❁ The package includes 3 tablets

❁ Suitable for toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showers, tiles (porcelain, glazed, ceramic).

❁ No breathtaking necessary, this cleaner comes with a subtle citric note.

❁ Eliminates dirt, limescale, and the accompanying odors in our bathrooms

❁ Do not use on marble, natural stone, or unfinished wood.

❁ Made with eco-friendly ingredients - vegan certified Dimensions: 7.5cmx7.5cm Net weight:15gr

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