Make Sustainability Work for You.

Are you tired of greenwashing and jargon? Us too! That's why, at Evergreen Collective, we do all the research for you, so you easily get ethically-made home goods that encourage a sustainable lifestyle, without ever breaking a sweat.

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A very cute shop, and the owner was lovely to chat with! It can be difficult to sift through which companies are actually making sustainable efforts and which are "green-washing" online, but she was super helpful and could discuss the brands she stocked and why she liked their practices, which was SO helpful! -Kate

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  • Fair Labor

    Who makes the items we bring home matters. At Evergreen Collective we only work with brands that can prove they follow Fair Labor Standards.

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  • Low Waste

    Our goal is to encourage a sustainable lifestyle. That's why we carry products that are compostable, plastic free, and have minimal impact on the earth.

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  • Transparency

    How do you know we are actually eco & ethical? Our website is filled with information on why we carry the brands that we do. Have any questions just ask!

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