Eco Friendly Dusters, 5 Eco Friendly Brands for Sustainable Spring Cleaning

5 Eco Friendly Brands for Sustainable Spring Cleaning

Looking to refresh your home this Spring, but want to ditch all the plastic bottles, brushes & detergents? Check out these 5 brands that are 100% plastic free for a sustainable deep clean!



#1 Meliora

This is my favorite brand for all things cleaning. Meliora makes all their vegan & plastic free products in Chicago. They are leaping bunny certified and woman owned too! My three favorite cleaners from Meliora are their:

All Purpose Tablets - Just dissolve in water and clean away.

* Gentle Home Cleaning Scrub - Perfect for deep cleaning your stove, tiles & more!

* Oxygen Brightener - Clean up your carpet and give your laundry a refresh.



#2 Skosh

Use the power of tablets to deep clean your bathroom with their Bathroom Cleaning Tablets that dissolve quickly into a refillable glass or wheat straw spray bottles.



#3 Bamboo Switch

You can't forget brushes when doing a deep clean, I always use an old toothbrush for those tight corners, but when scrubbing larger areas such as your floor, tub, or sink this 100% compostable bamboo brush from Bamboo Switch is the way to go!



#4 Marley's Monsters

Marley's monsters stiches all their reusable cleaning products in Eugene Oregon. Here are my absolute favorite products from this USA Made Brand. 

* Washable Flannel Duster - The flannel traps dust in, and the top comes off to throw in to the washing machine.

* Cleaning Cloth - No more dust particles left behand from paper towels with this durable & reusable oversized cleaning cloth!

* Washable Sponge - This washable sponge will help you get into all the nooks and crannies of your home, plus you can sanitize it in in the washer afterwards!


#5 MioEco

Say goodbye to disposable paper towels with these scrubby and reusable GOTS certified cloth towels from MioEco. Comes in a pack of 10!



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