Why Swap? Sustainable Laundry Detergent.

What's commonly used?

Traditional laundry detergent that is mostly a mesy blue liquid with primary ingredient being water. This can get all over your machine and may drips down the large plastic bottle cerating a mess.

Why traditional liquid laundry detergent is not sustainable?

  1. Liquid laundry comes in plastic jugs that if not recycled properly end up in the trash.
  2. Traditional laundry detergent is filled with unnecessary water, making it heavy to carry, and becuase of this extra weight these use more energy durring transportation.
  3. Many detergents contain ingredients such as dyes and frangrences that can cause rashes.

What’s a sustainable alternative?

Bulk Liquid Laundry Detergent and Concentraded Laundry Powder

Why You'll LOVE Sustainable Laundry!

Bulk Liquid Laundry Detergent

1. Buying in bulk allows you to purchase exacly what you need!

2. Our liquid bulk degergent is ultra concentrated, meaning that you don't need verry little for each load.

3. Concentraded detergent contains less water than traditional detergent so shipping it takes less resources.

4. Put it in any container that works for you, no more ugly large plastic containers that get covered in blue liquid

5. Vegan friendly & non toxic!

Laundry Powder

1. Comes in compostable/recyclable cardboard containers.

2. It's conentrated, so you only need a little bit for each load.

3. It's easy to carry around, compared to large plastic containers (perfect for appartment living!)

4. Vegan friendly & non toxic!