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Bamboo Switch

Bamboo Slotted Spatula

Bamboo Slotted Spatula

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Bamboo is naturally strong, non-toxic, and resistant to water, heat and bacteria. Making them the perfect addition to your kitchen and cooking utensils. Easy to clean, and does not take on any odor or stains making cooking or hosting a breeze. 

Care: Hand wash and air dry. ~~~~ Length: 12" Width: 2.5" ~~~~ Spoon: Use for mixing, stirring and transferring food. Salad Fork: Pair with Bamboo Spoon for that perfect serving size. Spatula: Use for an easier stirring process when cooking. Slotted Spatula: Use for removing food without excess liquids, oils or sauces. Risotto Spoon: Use for removing food without excess liquids or sauces.

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