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Organic & Vegan Bamboo Floss - White

Organic & Vegan Bamboo Floss - White

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This vegan bamboo floss boasts superior durability, and its glass jar has an attractive presence on bathroom counters. Refills are available, thus promoting an eco-friendly lifestyle by eliminating waste. Composed of bamboo, candelilla wax, and tea tree oil, this floss provides a refreshing minty flavor.

Floss Spool Dimensions: 90 feet / 30 meters Box Dimensions: 3.25" height 1" length & width Weight: .5 oz

Environmental Impact: Being completely compostable, both the bamboo container and bamboo floss are the best eco-friendly alternative to nylon floss. Nylon is a version of plastic and it overwhelms our landfills and oceans. 

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