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Eco Clean Starter Set

Eco Clean Starter Set

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Replace your basic cleaning routine with this simple set!

What's Included:

Reusable Paper Towels: Make clean up a breeze with Organic Cotton Reusable Cloth Paper Towels! These eco-friendly cloths are made from 100% organic cotton, absorb liquid like a charm and are perfect for wiping down surfaces and hands. Say goodbye to the single-use paper towels and leave a light footprint on the environment. (No trees were harmed in the making of this product.)

Reusable Glass Spray Bottle: Say goodbye to single-use plastics with this reusable and refillable glass spray bottle! The perfect companion to our refill tablets, this bottle is perfect for all your cleaning needs—keeping your home chemical-free and your conscience guilt-free. No more wasteful plastic containers!

All Purpose Refill Tablets: Meliora's home cleaner tablets spark your cleaning routine with the eco-friendly, cost-saving punch of convenience you've been looking for. Just pop a tablet into a bottle of warm water and watch it dissolve - it's like magic!

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