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Upcycled Dog Toys: Medium

Upcycled Dog Toys: Medium

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A simple toy creating classic fun for a good cause! Let your dog join in on the fun and try out the zero-waste lifestyle too with these colorful upcycled tug-of-war ropes. Each toy is handmade from discarded, donated, or otherwise second-hand and reused t-shirts that were washed, cut into strips, and braided by hand. Note: They are each completely unique due to their upcycled nature so color selections are not allowed.

Details: Though these ropes should last your dog a while, they will eventually fray and come apart like any other dog toy. Dogs should be monitored while playing with the ropes if they are starting to come apart so they do not ingest any t-shirt pieces.

Extra Small: 10-12" long single braided Small: 12-14" long double-braided Medium: 14-16" long double-braided Large: 16-20" long double-braided with a middle knot Extra Large: 18-22" long double-braided with a middle knot

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