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Sheepish Grins

Lanolin Wool Wash Bar Soap: Unscented

Lanolin Wool Wash Bar Soap: Unscented

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Sheepish Grins' wonderful lanolin soap wool wash bar is not only perfect for caring for your delicate wool - it is also great for your skin. Made with natural ingredients including unrefined hemp seed oil, avocado oil, golden jojoba oil & other natural plant oils. No artificial colors, no harsh chemicals, no sodium laureth sulfate. Just good, clean, handmade soap!

Each batch is made by hand so you can be assured a high-quality soap. Contains pure, pharmaceutical grade, solid lanolin. Produces just the right amount of lather to get your wool clean without excessive rinsing. Extra lanolin has been added to this bar to moisturize & protect your wool items. The extra lanolin helps to preserve the lanolin in your wool items so you can lanolize less often.

To use: Simply lather in your hands & let the lanolin-rich lather fill your basin. Wash your wool in the lanolin-rich water or gently rub the bar of soap directly into wool or stains. Rinse gently, proceed with more lanolin as needed.

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