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Reusable Paperless Towels: Pack of 12 Towels / Neutrals

Reusable Paperless Towels: Pack of 12 Towels / Neutrals

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If you’ve been looking for a true replacement to paper towels, you have found your match. These 100% natural unbleached cotton paperless towels have superb absorbency and will not smear liquid around like their popular flannel counterparts. They dry quickly and can be used multiple times throughout the day without becoming 'sour'.

Our favorite uses: • Daily use for kitchen messes and wiping counters • Alternative for disposable napkins. • Add them to salad bins to keep greens fresh • Lint free and can be used as cheesecloth • Washing windows and mirrors Available in natural thread edging. Made with 100% natural unbleached birdseye cotton.

Towels measure approx. 10.75” x 10.75” and are single-ply for quick drying. Wash towels 1-2 times before use to reach maximum absorbency. Expect some shrinkage after washing. Machine wash warm. Machine dry. Do not use fabric softener.

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