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Sea Witch Botanicals

Incense - Single Scent

Incense - Single Scent

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Herbal Renewal ™ incense features a calming blend of essential oils. Breathe in the bounty of the witch's garden with a magical blend of soothing lavender and uplifting rosemary. Use this incense to clear buyour mind of fear and hesitation, and to de-stress and reconnect to your consciousness. Feel rejuvenated and refreshed, ready to embrace the day ahead. Inhale stillness and wisdom and exhale all worries.

Hermitage ™ incense from Sea Witch Botanicals allows you to immerse yourself in a hidden retreat in the forest with the fragrant notes of patchouli, zesty citrus, and calming lavender oils. Sweet, earthly, juicy, and confidential, this aroma will encourage you to contemplate, connect, and focus. Light this incense to bring grounding energy into your day. Breath out your worries and inhale assurance, balance, and a link to the land.

Quoth the Raven ™ incense from Sea Witch Botanicals is a captivating mix of orange, cinnamon, and clove essential oils make this incense perfect for pairing with your deepest secrets, rain-streaked windows, or the scratch of a quill pen. Let it evoke your personal power & confidence, stirring up passion and inspiration while banishing boredom and self-doubt.


White Lodge  incense from Sea Witch Botanicals is perfect for experiencing the beautiful and peaceful rejuvenation of the misty Pacific Rainforest with a clarifying blend of fir needle and cedarwood atlas essential oils. Shut your eyes to release guilt and shame, while this incense purifies your space. Find sanctuary and connect to your intuition, emotions, dreams, and imagination. The perfect accompaniment to meditation and divination.


All-natural incense sticks that are truly all-natural.

No Fragrance Oils. Ever.


Adore the smoky, sensual mystique of traditional incense but hate the headache? Sea Witch Botanical's line of all-natural, essential oil-based incense is just what you need. Air-purifying, with activated charcoal and non-GMO essential oils, it'll lift you spiritually and physically.  Crafted for quality, each batch is hand-dipped in our exclusive essential oil aroma profiles and hand-painted with unique colors. Forget the plastic fragrances of commercial incense - you're getting only the good terpenes with us! Each stick burns for 20-30 minutes - never leave burning candles or incense unattended.



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